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THE WAY - Artist Statement... a journey.


This piece is titled “The Way” because, like all of our journeys, we never get there in a straight line. Each unique path, our sidetracks and backtracks compose our specific journey. As you trace through the lines that make up our lives we all find a beautiful composition that makes up the whole of who we are and where we are.

This series was inspired by my two week trip along the Oregon coast. While laying in my hammock looking through the trees and seeing the outlines and negative spaces around the trees, the idea came to me. I was also on a minimalist journey, which contributed to this idea to create simple abstract paintings in black and white but still have a lot of movement and an underlying hint of color.

2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40, $1111.00

In “The Way”, the titanium white over cobalt blue gives a cool cloud watching organic effect one can get lost in. While each little squiggle of a line leads to the image of an old wise oak tree made up by a wavering yet bold journey.


Kimberly Rachelle

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