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Kimberly Rachelle Ranalla

I am an artist/businesswoman. I spent my early adult years in office and retail management while raising my two children. I am a brain tumor survivor and a fibromyalgia warrior. I have severe hearing loss. I am a doer who is intuitive and creative.


I studied fine art at Montara State & Chico State. I am a recent graduate from Chico State with a business degree in Project Management & Consulting. A committee member of the Healing Art Gallery at Enloe Cancer Center since 2012 and a Chico Art Commissioner. I am grateful for these experiences and the ability to contribute to my community.


My intention for the future is to be an integral part of the Chico art world with dreams of creating an artist's collaborative, managing large public art projects and advocating for art and artists.


I hope my story and my way of being in the world helps others to embrace all that they are and encourage them to live life as fully as possible with as much love, wonder, gratitude and beauty as possible.

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