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SURRENDER, 2017, Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 30x40x1






the action of surrendering.


Just like all things in life, we must ultimately surrender to the rhythms of life. When we decide not to fight against it we can notice the absolute beauty in it, for example, a powerful sunset reflecting in an ocean wave. 


This piece is from my S Series. I have an obsession with the spiral symbol and the ocean. This series varies between a focus on the ocean waves or the spiral and often both. For me the ocean and its waves are the rhythm that represents life. The ocean water is cleansing and restores me when I am feeling drained. I am so drawn to the spiral and all the symbolism behind it: from Buddhism and the ancient Native American baskets, this symbol is ever-present. The spiral reveals itself to us in nature in everything from opalescent seashells to Romanesco broccoli displayed at the market in the streets of Marseille. The spiral represents our journey. Always learning and growing. Flowing gently forward with life’s twists and turns. This same flow is in our ocean’s waves, sunsets and hopefully in creating art.


This painting was accepted and exhibited in the "Persistence" art exhibit at Museum of Northern California Art in May 2018. The show consisted of works from 60 women artists in Northern California. 


I created this painting with palette knife work and blending mediums. It has lots of texture and movement. It is wired for hanging, signed and titled on the back. 


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