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"RESILIENCE" 2019 Original Watercolor. 9x12 matted and framed to 16x20.
Smoke and ash meet spring and resilience. There is always a period of pause, a moment of being lost in an abyss. That space between holds our hopes and wishes. In honor of Paradise, the period in between is still upon everyone affected, but just like spring always comes, so too will recovery.


Painted on 300lb. cold press archival paper, with Windsor & Newton watercolor paint. 

Frame is a solid wood frame, and with custom double matt. Wired back. 


This originial was accepted into the juried art show "Reflection and Hope: A Year Remembered" at Museum Of Northern California Art during November 7 - December 29, 2019. This show was in honor of the first year following the Camp Fire in Paradise expressing experiences of survivors and the entire community after this life-changing event. 


  • This is the original painting, Hand Signed by Artist. Prints are also available in limited amounts of 500 (various sizes)

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